A Vulkan game engine.

The Parts Bin is an experimental engine, my first time working with Vulkan API. I named it after a bin of spare LEGO: BIONICLE pieces, a subversion of my first instinct of just naming it a Sandbox.
Here is my beautiful engine, rendering...... a triangle!

A triangle being rendered in a window.

This only took 1,150 lines of code. :)

A 3d Model of a BIONICLE mask being rendered in a window.

But, yeah, no, this project is incredibly early on. You can follow along with the source code, though. As I'm learning this API, the code is overfilled with comments where I'm leaving notes to myself. It's a complicated API, and there's a lot of functionality to keep track of.

My goal with the initial investigation is to explore programming new tech like raytracing and DLSS/FSR. My long-term goal is to eventually use this engine for a game down the road, but who knows if that'll be this specific engine or PartsBin 2.0.