Movieoke, a 3D animation app.

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Movieoke is a Unity-based app on iOS and Google Play.
I joined the company days after the app's 2.0 release, a turbulent time of fixing bugs and porting old functionality.
As a software engineer, I was responsible for:

Writing a rendering system from scratch, reducing video export speed by more than 2x.
Implementing the Text-to-Speech system, the automatic facial animation system attached to it, and associated UI/UX.
A system to autonomously record and render content given a text prompt, supported by a Rust server.
Fixing critical backend system architecture, working with Unity UI, and general development.

Outside Movieoke, I worked on several NDA projects.
Teleportal was a startup; we worked quickly on a huge variety of technology in my time at the company, such as:
Unity & C#, HLSL compute shaders, Node.js, websockets, TCP & UDP, Oculus & OpenXR, Rust and more.