WhipVR, or "Whip and Tear"

An action game for PC VR, and Oculus Quest.

The whip.

Working title "WhipVR" is an action game for VR headsets. The player is given a ~2 meter long, physically simulated whip they can swing around to dispatch enemies. The project emphasizes the fun of this action above all else.

The game features a new kind of tile-based movement system designed specially for this game. The player is able to "jump" distances of around 3.6 meters, but the game offers nothing within this distance. The mechanic was designed to strike a balance between games such as SUPERHOT VR, which forces the player to dodge bullets with their body, and literally any other VR game, which obsoletes this with more standard movement systems.

The enemy and locations are designed with a slight horror tinge, meant to play with the fact that the whip is a ranged weapon highly effective at long range and pitifully ineffective at short range. Enemies try to close distance, and get in player's blind spots. Enemies will also block the playe's movement system, forcing them to engage if drawing too close.

This game looks very Castlevania inspired. I tend to say we came to the same conclusions, solving different problems.

Development started in August 2020. I worked on the title alone until around January, 2021. I am now leading a team of 8 people, at time of writing, and concluded development in June 2022.
My team currently consists of myself, 2 programmers, 2 level designers, 2 VFX artists, and 1 3D artist.
It's been a long project, and I eagerly anticipate finally getting to share it.

The rest of this page will cover development history, and tech.


Videos may take some time to load.
The very first successful build of the game, dating roughly August 2020.
Built in Unity and running natively on an Oculus Quest, I needed to see if the concept would work at all before I committed to it. I made the whip in the game engine I, at the time, was slightly more experienced with.

Slightly older build, dating around September 2020.
Running on Unreal now, the program is much further along. This was a test of the enemy ragdoll physics. Enemies react to touch physically even before death, giving them a better presence in VR. This utilizes Unreal features that are still in beta. The targets on the other side of the table respawn infinitely, one of the ways I used to playtest the accuracy of the whip. For hours at a time. Shortly after this, I would build a PC sppecifically to aid in development; a VR capable PC would save me from having to spend 30 minutes on an Unreal build for every little tweak.

Footage from Decemember 2020 demonstrating the new movement system, just implemented.
Later revisions would move the ray being cast to the face, and allow the player to move backwards, sideways, etc with different directions on the stick.

Action shot from March, 2021. At this point, I've picked up two teammates.
Many new features in this shot. The whip can now be stored in a pocket, and it "coils up" in an aesthetically pleasing manner; this is a relatively complex system, dealing with around 30 physics objects at once. Rooms have been added, and they are used to govern the spawning, despawning, and respawning of enemies. The concept is similar to how a metroidvania works, reloading enemies as you move through screens. This is being visualized by the spheres on the floor. They draw the outline of the room you're in, and all its adjacent rooms, and they are all particly spawners. The idea is to eventually obscure the vision of players beyond the rooms with active pawns.

The most recent footage of the game, from February, 2022.
I over rely on the new throwing weapon, because I am in a smaller space, with little arm-swinging room... and it's overpowered, and convenient. While it needs tweaking, it is going to be a late game unlockable.
This is a quick demo of the first iteration of our first level. It's just a greybox, but our lead level designer likes to pretty up the thing while he goes.