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NAIR is a simple fighting game desiged to teach the fundamental skills of competitive platform fighters.
Featuring seamless, rollback powered online play, custom colors and gamemodes, and more.
Join over 6,000 players for the price of a coffee.
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DAIR is the official sequel to NAIR.
A more complex game designed to teach advanced skills, such as advantage/disadvantage and recovery.
Featuring cross-platform online play with NAIR.
Steam - Official Discord

Tribute Revamp is a remaster of an old ASCII art puzzle game I made in 2016.
In this game, inputs are added to a queue, then executed all at once.
This mechanic arose from the original ASCII game being hosted on, which didn't support live input.

Image of the Author, Holly

Kill the Sun; it's too hot.
Kill the Sun is a small game jam game made in ~12 hours in Godot.
The game is meant as a joke, but the community has granted it a speedrun page. -


Image of the Author, Holly

Hi, I'm Holly.
I'm an indie game developer. I generally make 2D action games.
As an engineer, I tend to specialize in low-level networking/online infrastructure, game engines and systems, and XR.


Feel free to reach out with questions or if you need to get in touch.